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Beginner Piano lessons (kindergarten - up)

This instrumental program provides an excellent introduction to the piano for beginners to learn basic fundamental keyboard skills. Emphasis is on note reading, ear training, composing, improvising, rhythmic skills, technique and ensemble playing. Students learn in a creative, fun filled atmosphere. Class size is limited to eight and a keyboard/piano at home is required to practice.

(The music school offers a piano rental program.)

Introduction to Piano

Designed for students ages 5-8 , this introductory course provides a relaxed introduction to piano basics. Note reading, ear training, and rhythmic skills will be developed in a creative group setting. Each student will be participating in movement activities and other group musical games. A digital lab is used, so each student is playing on his/her own piano during the class playing time.

Class size is limited to eight and a keyboard/piano at home on which to practice is a prerequisite. Practice time expected is 30 min. daily.

( Electric piano rentals available )

Group Piano Lessons (Level 1-3)

Designed for students who continue the elementary levels of piano study. Students are in groups of four, six, or eight, in which the emphasis is on rhythmic skills, composing, improvising, performing , note reading, ear training, sight reading and ensemble music.

Advantages of Group Study

The student:

  • enjoys playing for an audience of peers
  • looks forward to the learning games
  • makes new friends
  • learns from each of the other students in the class
  • has greater experiences in ear training, ensemble playing and critical verbal expression
  • experiences more performance opportunities by playing for the class weekly
  • develops more active listening and a longer attention span
  • has constant repetition reinforcing various concepts
  • improves rhythmic skills by playing together in unison or ensemble
  • is stimulated by being a part of a learning team which provides motivation for practice

Youth Piano Club

The Music Workshop Piano Club is an exciting support group for pianists 11-18 yrs. to learn about the wonderful world of piano and music. Some important parts of the club will be : making friends, discussing topics on piano playing, planning a few social events for the year, meeting other piano students and sharing ideas.

Students can perform whenever they wish, and meetings will have a presentation of entertaining topics about the piano as well as an occasional guest speaker/performer.

To join the club, students must be playing music that is at the early intermediate to early advanced level.

The Club will meet four times per year. Dates to be announced.

Call 603-226-0690 or email cherylmlaughlin@gmail.com for more infomation.