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To Register By Mail
We prefer to receive registrations by mail. Please complete the Registration Form, and mail with check or money order to:

The Music Workshop of Concord
64 Dunklee Street.
Concord, NH 03301

To Register By Phone
Please have all information ready before calling. Payment should be received five days from phone call to reserve your program.

Early Childhood Payment Policy

Registration Fee: A registration fee is required each semester. Tuition is paid in full by the first class.

Course Cancellation

The Music Workshop reserves the right to cancel classes at anytime. In such a case the students enrolled in a class that is canceled will receive a full refund, including the registration fee.

If a class is canceled before the first class meeting, registered students will be notified by phone at least three days before the scheduled first meeting. The music school may start an under-enrolled class for the first meeting, but reserves the right to cancel if not full by the second meeting.

Early Childhood Program - Refunds & Withdrawals

If a student is obliged to discontinue lessons or classes because of illness or other unavoidable circumstances, the school will refund a percentage of the total tuition. This will apply the day we receive a notification in writing.

Prior to the first class meeting - 100%
Prior to second class meeting - 75%
After third class meeting - No refund

Registration Fee: the registration fee is refunded only when a course is canceled by the Music Workshop.

Cancellations & Closings

Closings due to weather: In case of snow, all classes and lessons will be canceled and rescheduled during the makeup weeks. Announcements of closings will be carried on WJYY 105.5 WNNH 99.1 and WKXL and on the Music Workshop's phone system ( 603-226-0690 ) greeting.

Early Childhood Make-ups: only one make-up per semester, you may attend another scheduled class.

School Cancellation: If the instructor is absent from school, the lesson will be made up.

Piano Policies

Registration: The school year is divided into two 16-week semesters: Fall and Spring. A summer program is also available. Tuition and Materials Fees includes 32 lessons, many community performance opportunities, four formal recitals (beginners have only one formal recital in June. ) rehearsals, a parent information session and a parent-teacher conference. Two evaluations and the National Guild Evaluation or the New Hampshire Teachers Assoc. Evaluations.

Tuition Payment: Students who register are responsible to pay tuition for the entire 16 week semester. See Tuition/Payment Plan for deadlines.

Two-Payment Plan: One half tuition the first payment and one half the second payment. The two payment plan is not available to students registering after the start of the semester. See Tuition/Payment Plan for deadlines.

Late Fee: A $25.00 late fee will be charged to the balance due if payment is not received by the due date.

Make-up Lessons: Students are expected to attend all lessons. Makeup lessons and classes are not given for student absences from a private lesson, group class or performance class. The private students are given a swap list to use if they have a problem in their schedule. Students need to let me know of the swap change.

All teacher absences, due to professional obligations, teacher illness, or emergencies, will be made up. A scheduled make-up day will be offered, if you cannot attend you will not receive a credit for that lesson.

If a student is absent for a make-up lesson, it will not be rescheduled and a refund will not be given.

Rescheduling: Lesson times arranged and set in September should be considered permanent for the rest of the semester. If a special event comes up (vacation, sports event etc.) that a student has to attend, I will be glad to hold that lesson time, however the student will not receive a credit for that lesson.

Weather Cancellations and Make-up Policy

If there is a cancellation due to bad weather conditions, the school will set up a make-up date as soon as possible. Make ups will be offered on Saturday afternoons of the week of the cancellation. If Saturday classes are canceled a make-up could be set up on the Sunday of that week. If you cannot attend new scheduled lesson you will not receive a credit for that lesson.

Snow Cancellations: Closings will be carried on WJYY 105.5 WNNH 99.1 and the Music Workshop's phone system ( 603-226-0690 ) greeting .